Perennial flow of noble thoughts

O.P Sharma
Book : ‘Suvichar Sangrah’, in hindi
Author : Chunilal Sharma
Publisher : Highbrow Publications,
Bari- Brahmana, Jammu
Year : 2022
Language : Hindi
Pages : 336
Price : Rs. 600/-
Suvichar Sangrah is a collection of 150 thoughtful short essays based on Indian culture, traditions and philosophy which is enshrined in our scriptures and holy-books of different religions. The topics taken up in the book are inspiring for the readers to contemplate for achieving the excellence of life by positive thinking and adopting the right path. The goodness, brotherhood, oneness, benevolence and righteousness is the central idea of its written material. The book has three parts:
Part-1: Pertaining to good life living:
The first part contains 90 small write ups on the general human qualities like morality, humanism, social values, simplicity, spirituality, honesty, good behaviour with others and adopting the path of good deeds and karma philosophy etc which inspires and lead to live a successful life.
Important Days
Part two has 35 important topics related to our culture, religious faiths, festivals, rituals, patriotism and on the life and philosophy of some of the great-men of our nation. All these topics give message of inclusiveness, co-existence, peace and harmony in the society.
Philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi
There are 25 very short essays written in this third part. Mostly these are the quotes of Gandhi ji which are relevant for contemporary society and will be relevant in the future also.
This 336 pages book in hindi by renowned broadcaster of All India Radio and a writer contains as many as 150 write ups. The titles are very catchy which attract the mind of the reader to look into the material such as : Parakram, Neki Se Neknami, Achara Parmodharma, Leela Dhar Krishan, Rangotsava Holi, Prem Pyar ke Mashiha Yashu, Kargil K Shaheedon Ko Naman, Aur Adhik Paane Ki Bhookh, Manavta Ke Pujari Gandhi Ji and so on.
Let us now take up a couple of topics from each part to discuss the subject matter in brief. The first topic of contents is Parakram; generally it means, bravery, might, chivalry and zeal to face the challenges of life. Parakram is a spirit hidden in everyone. Those who recognise it, certainly they overcome the difficulties coming across their way. But those who cannot recognize it, they loose. Goswami Tulsidas says in the Sunderkand of Ram Charitmanas –
Kadar man Kahun Ek adhara
Deiv deiv aalasi pukara
One should face the difficulty with courage and brave-mind to overcome the problems. Mere chanting the name of God and doing nothing is the character of lazy and inactive people. The aim of life should be to do good. It is said that –
‘Kar Bhala Ho Bhala
Ant Bhale Ka Bhala’
(Do good and have good. ‘Jaago Re Jin Jagana’- Message of this write up is very loud and clear that our life should be purposeful. Work vigoursly to achieve success in material world but do not forget remembering the Almighty. Shri Guru Nanak says:
‘Jago Re Jin Jagna ab jagan ki Bar
Phir Kya Jago Nanka jab Sove Paon Pasar’
(Life is not too long, therefore, do not miss the goal of doing good for others and remembering the God as your life is becoming shorter day and night. Similarly, Tulsidas says-
‘Arb Kharb lo Sampada, udya-ast lo raaj
Tulsi jo nij maran hai aave koun kaaj’
Let your kingdom be east to west, heaps of gold and coins, but when you leave the world, nothing accompany you except your deeds: good or bad and the name of God. The message is that the life is short. Therefore one should serve those who are poor, needy and the helpless, adopting the ideal- ‘Nar Sewa Naryan Sewa’ (Service of humanity is the service of the creator of this Universe).
In the book the write up ‘Suvichar’ means that positive thinking and good thoughts change the humans life. Because, good thoughts inspire to adopt the right path, work hard and gain the grains by honest means. The Rig Veda states –
‘Sukhayaa Kratum Ichhat’.
(Meaning that everyone should think for happiness for himself as also equally for others . Our Indian philosophy and culture tells us to think the welfare of every human and every creature, flora and founa, earth water and nature.
Yet another jewel of thought in this book is:
‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhina, Sarve Santu niramaya’
(Let all be happy, none be sick and sad, let all see happiness none should see the sorrow).
The topic ‘Vaak Sanyam’ i.e. ‘control over tongue’ tells us that to be a good listener is better than a good orator. Our scriptures opine: shabda Brahaman’. The words uttered remain in the Universe. Therefore, we should speak good words always. So that our spoken words may not hurt anyone. The unpleasant utterance generates hatred and polite speech results in friendship and fraternity in the society.
Part III of the book is based on Gandhian thoughts and philosophy. Let us now take up the title- ‘Jahan Manavata Wahan Gandhi’ Where there is humanism, there is Gandhi’. No exaggeration in saying that Gandhi Ji had such a heart which was full of love and affection for whole humanity. His practicability, words, actions and behaviour is known the world over. Needles to mention that Gandhi was not merely a human being but had the god gifted spirit and thinking.
In the end, let us take a note of another topic of this book’ Gandhi Ji ka Sandesh’, which says-
The life without dharma is a life without morality and ideals and life without morality and ideals is like a boat without rudder . Gandhi once himself said that – My life is my message’. Gandhi would first act and then say, that is why Gandhian thoughts and philosophy is relevant for all times to come.
In conclusion, the ‘Suvichar Sangrah’ is perhaps a unique book of its kind. It is ‘jeevanopyogi’ collection for all from adolescents to senior citizens, students, youths and teachers to shape the society and the nation. It is useful book for all people for all times. In nutshell, we can say that the golden principles of grand old India philosophy such as Satya, Ahimsa, self control, contentment, co-operation purity of thoughts and purity of life are discussed and elaborated, commented and elucidated with proper quotes and extracts from the epics and other sacred books. This book ‘Suvichar Sangrah’ by Chuni Lal Sharma is a great contribution and service to the humanity. This book must be red by one and all.