People hold protest against non-availability of internet services

Students carrying placards during protest at Kargil. —Excelsior/Basharat Ladakhi
Students carrying placards during protest at Kargil. —Excelsior/Basharat Ladakhi

Excelsior Correspondent
KARGIL, Nov 27: People particularly the student community held protest against the non-availability of internet services for the past four months.
The students under the banner of Student Education Movement Kargil were protesting here and demanding restoration of internet services.
One of the students said that on one side Government is promoting Digital India and on the other hand has deprived the residents of Kargil of internet services.
“As a student, I condemn the Government’s decision of blocking internet in Kargil district and demands it immediate restoration for the benefit of people particularly student community”, he added.
The student community got support from all and by the evening, the pamphlets regarding restoration of internet services, internet blockade, etc were seen on shops, vehicles and in people hands.