People and Governance

Albert campus has rightly said that,” The democracy is not the law of the majority but protection of the minority”. The Aam Aadmi Party gained ground in the Delhi 2020 election and marked their third consecutive term. There is miscomprehension in the minds of the people that in a democracy it is the political party or leaders who are more powerful, but upshot of the Delhi Election testify the power of people in a democracy.
The rationale behind the mass victory reflected the new model of governance and pointed out that under Aap, Delhi has grown faster than the Indian average growth.
The schemes referred to as the “freebies” has played a pivotal role in overall good governance. The maximum stress of the schemes is given toward education and healthcare provisioning by the state government. But it is not end for development, there is a major challenge ahead for the AAP in its new term towards raising the productive capacity of a growing city like Delhi.
Shoaib Akhter
The Law School,
University of Jammu