Pensioners verification

This refers to the Finance Department Notification No DIPK-1872 dated 17.05.2013.
Taking recourse to Rule 5.71 of the JK Treasury Code Vol.I, rendered infectious, consequent upon compelling the pensioners by the Government to draw their pension emoluments from the branches of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank Ltd instead of the treasuries   the spineless and insensitive Government functionaries have once again proved that they have no respect for the aged for the same reason they have little for tradition. Our present political dispensation has great love for the antique but not for the ancient is amply proved.
A pensioner has first to go to the branch of the Jammu and Kashmir Bank  Ltd. from  where he/she draws his/her pension emoluments  to collect his/her PPO half. It takes days. Then he/she has to deposit the same with the treasury specified for that purpose. He/she shall be given the date on which he/she shall present himself/herself there. In this hostile weather what shall be the state of the pensioner? Has the concerned officer issuing the notification ever thought about this from his well ventilated and comfy office chamber?
The Government of India pensioners are verified by the mangers of the respective branches of the State Bank of India wherefrom they draw their pensions.
They are not asked to undergo identification parade as is the case with the State Government pensioners. Identification parades are meant for hardened criminals not for respectable senior citizens.
The State Government pensioners get automatically verified when they present themselves for the drawl of their pension dues at the bank branch.
Every May and November they furnish life certificates as well. What is the fun in undergoing this useless and futile exercise is beyond comprehension?
Yours etc…..
Predhuman K Joseph Dhar.