Pensioners flay Govt, seek review of decision

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Pavitar Singh ( Ex-judge) and other members of J&K Pensioners Association addressing press conference in Jammu on Friday.
Pavitar Singh ( Ex-judge) and other members of J&K Pensioners Association addressing press conference in Jammu on Friday.

JAMMU, May 4: All J&K Pensioners Association has expressed strong resentment against the attitude of the Government which in its recent order has directed the pensioners to present themselves personally in the bank and then in the treasury.
In a joint press conference here senior members of the Association Pavitar Singh ( Ex-judge), M L Abrol and SK Jain said that pensioners were struggling for the last three years but it is unfortunate that even the Government headed by Omar Abdullah has no regards for the senior citizens of the country. The Government enhanced the salary of legislators three times and their Medical allowances from Rs 300 to Rs 1000 but for the employees. This attitude of Government giving priority to Legislators in giving them enormous amount of emoluments and indicating stance of utter neglect of pensioners and employees is a matter of real concern.
Mr Abrol pointed out the sad plight of State pensioners, who are subjected to appear before bank authorities and then treasury and again in the bank to enable drawl of their pension from May 2012 and onwards. He said this decision has caused embarrassment and strong resentment against the elderly pensioners.
With this order, even an old ailing pensioner will be made to be in line and wait for his / her turn to fill up form and get pension document from bank and then again to be in queue in the treasury to get verified from the Treasury Officer and again in the bank for depositing the same. Abrol said what will be the fate of ailing and bed ridden pensioners under such circumstances. How is it possible for outsiders who reside with their children in different parts of  India and abroad to report to bank/ treasury at such short notice. He said Treasury staff be deputed to the residence of ailing and other weak pensioners  who are unable to move.
The Association urged the concerned higher officials in the Finance department to review this decision, release the arrears of the pensioners in one installment, enhance the medical allowance to Rs 1000 per month. Kapil Dev and Dr Virender Gupta also spoke on the occasion.


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