PDS to surveillance

In his address to the audience on the occasion of celebration of National Consumer Day organized by the Department of Food, Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs and Legal Metrology, Governor N.N. Vohra laid stress on protection of the rights of consumers. He said that the consumers, too, should become active in seeking their legitimate rights. We know that some grave irregularities have been detected in the Public Distribution System in the State in the past. It is the right time that these are identified and removed so that distribution system is regularized. For example, a large number of fake ration cards and ration drawers have been reported. This put a drain on the quota provided for the consumers particularly the weaker sections and those below poverty line (BPL). The Governor rightly insisted on linking the ration card with Aaadhar card in order to ensure that no fake ration cards are issued.
It is reported that the Department of Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs and Legal Metrology has achieved 97 per cent digitization of the department for which the Governor felicitated the Minister. The Minister in his address said that digitization of the department had weeded out ineligible households from the lists of valid beneficiaries.
We appreciate the effort of the department to cleanse the records and remove the fake entries. There is the need of further ameliorating the functioning of the department and streamlining the supply of food grains and essential commodities particularly to far flung areas which sometimes face acute shortages. The bottlenecks that cause shortages should be removed. That tasks remains to be completed by the department.