PDP stages protest, accuses admin of using pressure tactics

PDP staging protest against eviction drive in Srinagar. -Excelsior/Shakeel
PDP staging protest against eviction drive in Srinagar. -Excelsior/Shakeel

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, Feb 7: The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today staged a protest demonstration against the administration’s “bulldozer policy” in Jammu and Kashmir.
The PDP leaders and activists joined the protest as they marched from the PDP office near Municipal Park to the traffic headquarters while they were heard raising slogans against the BJP and LG administration.

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The protestors were carrying placards that read different slogans like ‘Kashmir for Kashmiris’, ‘Stop ruling J&K like a colony’, ‘Landless, jobless, homeless,’ ‘Stop bulldozing our homes.’
While talking to media persons on the occasion, one of the PDP leaders, Mohit Bhan, claimed that the BJP government has been evicting Jammu and Kashmir residents from their homes and land.
He said that the demolition exercise was being carried out through the arbitrary deployment of bulldozers to fabricate homelessness in Jammu and Kashmir.
He claimed that while land from locals in Jammu and Kashmir is being taken away, illegally occupied colonies in New Delhi are being legalised.
The protestors alleged that the BJP government was utilising the police to repress them. They argued that the bulldozer policy needed to be stopped right away.
The sloganeering demonstrators said that the honour and dignity of the Kashmiri people were being violated and that the unrest was being fomented to make matters worse for the populace.
One of the protesters claimed that although J&K is not important to the BJP, they frequently use it to pursue their purported cause of sectarian politics.
“People are being degraded. They are powerless and do not have access to the power corridors. The law is not being upheld. Pressure tactics are used to bully and oppress common people,” the protestors said.