PDP hopes Farooq will not take U-turn on his statement

Excelsior Correspondent
SRINAGAR, July 21:  Endorsing Dr Farooq Abdullah’s statement in the Parliament, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) today hoped that the National Conference president would stick to what he has said this time about the resolution of Kashmir issue.
In a statement issued here, former minister and senior PDP leader Naeem Akhtar said PDP welcomes Dr Farooq’s change of heart and the party hopes that it wouldn’t be a mere poll gimmick by the NC president. “We hope Dr Abdullah sticks to it and contributes to the resolution of Kashmir in a positive manner. It is also a high time for the Central Government to utilize this consensus among the political groups in Kashmir vis-a-vis the peaceful resolution of Kashmir and that the GOI should respond to this consensus at an earliest. Creating political vacuum will not help in any way,” Akhtar said.
The PDP leader added that things in Jammu and Kashmir cannot be done in compartments and the Central Government must take a holistic approach to address decades-old conflict amicably and peacefully.  “Development of the State is important but broader political trouble has to be addressed and fixed and till then peace will remain elusive. Talks with Pakistan, Hurriyat and other stakeholders are needed and through this way only, the situation will get stabilised. It is a moral responsibility of the Central Government to address the issue and make peace an inseparable feature of the State,” Akhtar said.
Alleging that  the national conference president is known for making U-turns, changing statements and stands quite often, Naeem Akhtar said the PDP is  hopeful that what he has said in the Parliament  this time  for the peaceful resolution of Kashmir,  would remain unchangeable.  “Otherwise, Dr Farooq Abdullah has in openly advocated bombardment of Pakistan, demanded catch and kill of Kashmiris while stating that the prisons in Kashmir are packed to capacity.  He has been a stern opponent of the ceasefire with Pakistan both at the time of Vajpayee and when it was announced recently this year. This time, it is hoped that he remains firm on what he has said,” Akhtar said.