PDD blind to ‘Ease of Doing Business’

From day one Modi Government minced no words about its policy of giving great impetus to trade and business area of the country as a big source of changing the very life of the people. We are aware that in his so many travels abroad, the Prime Minister signed so many trade agreements with foreign countries and consequently brought about sea change in the business rules and regulations in our country that had remained more as obstructions than facilitators. One novel idea that has flowed from PM’s trade policy is known as Ease of Doing Business. Under this concept many outdated and impracticable rules and regulations have been done away with and new rules have been framed which is business friendly. One aspect of this new concept is that the Government will provide more facilities and especially the electric power connection to new business units within shortest possible time so as to boost the practice of opening new industrial and business units.
The case of Power Development Department (PDD) in our State is very bizarre. It has come under criticism of many people and organizations for its unfriendly and rather harassing ways of treating the public or organizations. In a recent meeting of Bari Brahmana Industrial Association (BBIA), the issue of non-cooperation by the PDD was brought under discussion. Members expressed the view that the officers of the PDD were lightly treating the requests from industrialists seeking new or renewal of power connection to run their industrial units. The members raised their serious concern in respect of delaying tactics adopted by office of the Development Commissioner, Power in respect of sanction of new/additional power connections in respect of power load more than 200 HP. Referring to Order No 152-PDDof 2011 dated 28-04-2011 by the virtue of which a regular monthly meeting shall be held to clear the pending power connection cases, they complained that this order was not implemented and no monthly meetings were held. This makes them wait for months at end to know what is the status of their applications for new connection or renewal of the old ones.
We are surprised at this behaviour of the PDD. Day in and day out the Government speaks about extending all possible facilities to the industrialists so that trade and commerce in the country receive a boost. Why are not the Government and especially the PDD making rules easy and friendly to industrialists? The rules are there and these should be made applicable. We may suggest that the Commissioner Secretary PDD calls a meeting of the office-bearers of the Association and discuss the matter with them to convince them that the policy of the Government in regard to giving new connections is clear and will be implemented without discrimination.


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