Patty Jenkins, DC’s Geoff Johns tease ‘Wonder Woman 2’ setting

LOS ANGELES, June 2: “Wonder Woman” director Patty Jenkins and DC Entertainment president Geoff Johns have unveiled that the upcoming sequel in the franchise will be set in the year 1984.
Johns, DC chief creative officer, shared a picture on Facebook which read “WW84,” suggesting the setting of the Gal Gadot-led movie.
The first “Wonder Woman” film was set in 1917 during World War I.
Jenkins also changed the background of her Twitter account to feature the logo.
The director-actor duo is returning for the sequel set against the backdrop of the Cold War.
“Wonder Woman 2” will see Kristen Wiig play villain Cheetah. “Narcos” star Pedro Pascal is among the new entrants to the franchise.
Jenkins, Johns and Dave Callaham have co-written the script.
Warner Bros has set the film’s release date for November 1 next year. (PTI)


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