Path to self-realisation

Pinkey Bhat
Sharing one’s experience is a basic instinct of human nature but without His grace, His power of blessings, His will, nothing can be done. We are just a bubble of Infinite Ocean of love, which has no identity. Lord blessed me and I was forced to express the feelings of my humble experience.
By His grace only, this blessing being the primary reason, without ego of influencing, to change someone’s life, I am sharing my views after undergoing a journey of humble life.All entities express naturally, like warmth of sun, fragrance of flower, none tried to influence, so did I.
These are the opening lines from the very first page of the book ” A journey To Self”, an eye opener inspirational book for equanimity seekers authored by Maa GirjaPandit.
Whatever Maa has achieved is due to her high dynastic spiritual background. Maa has herself described in the book that,” I got sanskar of devotion from my family, my father, grandfather and great grandfather. These sanskars moulded my life.
I saw elders in my family meditating and living a very pious life since childhood. This acted as a source of inspiration and helped me in setting my goal. No doubt that it was due to my past karma also.
What prompted Maa to be, what Maa is at present is her high spiritual background from generations. An epitome of love, knowledge and bliss, poetess,s inger of many devotional, patriotic and sufi songs in Hindi and Kashmiri languages, translated and sung “Ramayan” and”Bhagwat Geeta” in Kashmiri Language. In addition, a music composer, lyricist,a humble mother Bhartiyanaari,writer of two books already released “Mo Hay Chaker Rakhoji” and “Laagi Lagan Guru Charanki” ,overall a great saint in the field of practical spiritual philosophy who is significantly contributing for the salvation of mankind. Her family grooming led her to keep “fire” in hand instead of flowers for turning to be best manifestation of Narayana.
About the Book
You are your own masters and judge.Analyse your daily activities and state of mind before you sleep. Watch yourself in the mirror of mind. If you do it regularly for six months, you will be equivalent to a saint.”Ghatnakrum” is a term in Sanskrit which means “order of events”.
There is sequence of events which are not random.For order, discipline is needed and discipline comes with force backed by will.Universe is the example of sequence of events which is disciplined by a force of will – The will of God.
The back cover of the book describes the above contents in an appropriate way which sounds like this – without crossing the worst situation, we cannot touch the best corners of life. Dare to face anything in life. Rightly said “winners never quit and quitters never win”.
The book”A Journey to Self” is all about positive self-assessment. Human body is an excellent vehicle by which we can reach eternal life.
The soul moves the body and the living body moves the world. It is the veil of Maya which keeps God hidden from our sight. The universal God cannot be realised till the veil is removed. Maya is of two kinds – one leading towards God (Vidyamaya) and the other leading away from God (Avidya).With the core strength of truth, in totality, Sanatan Dharma classified the activities of human differently as (1) Pravratti Marg and (2) NivrattiMarg.
“Pravratti Marg” for worldly activities and “Nivratti Marg” to go beyond the realms of mind.Only after a man realises that there is no peace and happiness in this world, he gets a strong desire to go beyond mind, which is Nivratti Marg. But one must perform all duties sincerely and honestly in Pravartti Marg.So, with a determined mind,due to the worldly experience,selected lucky souls are able to get aJeevan Mukt Guru and pursue the path of self – realisation.
Therefore, one must be cautious of his deeds. So long as there is false ego, neither self-knowledge nor liberation is possible and there is no cessation of birth and death.Root cause of suffering is false ego and root of success is patience.Walking on this path is like walking on a sword and only a man with patience can do that. Act and remain aware in every action.That is meditation. Active effort based on purity hastens the intensity of meditation. The book is a must read for Spirituality Seekers