Pandava Temples in Krimachi

This has reference to the editorial ‘Neglected,forlorn and ignored Pandava Temples ‘(DE, March 22, 2020).There is no doubt that Pandava Temples in Krimachi (Udhampur), falling under the overall care of Archaeological Survey of India are famous for their historic and archaeological importance.These protected monuments have the potential of attracting a huge footfall of tourists provided adequate facilities are provided at this heritage site.These world famous temples seven in number,having great historic and archaelogical importance have many legends associated with them.According to one legend these temples were constructed by the Pandavas while they were wandering in exile from one place to another.According to another view, they were constructed in the 8th-9th centuries.These archaeological marvels are marked as No 1 to 7 and are dedicated to Lord Vishnu,Lord Ganesha,Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati.Temple No 1,2,3,6 & 7 are built on a common raised platform whereas temple no 4 has been built on a much higher platform.Temple No 1 is the most developed and ornamented of all the temples.These wonderful pieces of craftsmanship have a lot to tell about the times and craftsmanship when they were built.Every year they attract a large number of tourists,research scholars and historians who visit these temples to study their architecture and conduct research into the times of their construction.It is also a popular picnic spot for the local people and students.But this world famous tourist has not received as much attention of the Governments in the past as they ought to have received.This famous site lacks proper road connectivity and there are no proper accommodation facilities to provide shelter to the tourists during night and rain.There is need to promote these temples by organising programmes on World Heritage Day and other occasions.
Moreover, the concerned Department ought to construct tourist huts and rain shelters to provide facilities visiting these temples.If proper road connectivity is provided, these temples can attract tourists in large number and boost local economy a lot.
Ashok Sharma,
Housing Colony