Panchayat Raj killings

Reference your editorial and articles of Prof K N Pandita and Shiban Khaibri on above subject.
As usual, learned columnists have very lucidly detailed the measures in their write ups by which the spree of killings of newly elected Sarpanchs, Panchs could have been stopped and thereby the climate of uncertainty and fear among masses minimized greatly.
At times, one wonders whether the way out as mentioned is so complicated that those who are at the helm of affairs – politicians, administrators, security officials- appear to have run short of any idea to anticipate the plan of enemy to derail the democratic process already set in motion with great efforts and thereby allowed inevitable to happen by snatching lives of innocents forever, not to speak of taking appropriate measures to defeat evil designs, well in advance.
Unfortunately, there appears to be no value of human life. Either there is a vested interest in keeping the pot boiling or no lessons seems to have been learnt despite long experience to tackle problem.
It is high time that everyone must appreciate the cost of inaction. In fact, the cost of not doing it, will be much higher than the cost of doing.
Yours etc….
P K Mam
Shanker Vihar
Talab Tillo


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