Pakul Dul Project affected families

Good news for those families who have been affected by 624 MW Keeru Hydro Electric Project on River Chenab. As State Administrative Council (SAC) has approved the Rehabilitation plan for them.
The Rehabilitation plan is proposed to be on the lines of Kishan Ganga and Pakul Dul HEPs and as per the recommendations of the Ministry of Environment and Forests and is approximately to the tune of Rs.100 crore. It may be recalled that there are many families whose land and houses have come under the alignment of the concerned power project and therefore needed due compensation. There were demands also from certain quarters that at least one member from each family should be provided with employment in power projects. It should be the part of the project plan to explore the possibilities of engaging local people more instead of from outside depending upon the criteria for each job.
A lump sum amount of Rs.33 lacs as cost for land and construction of house to be built on that in line with the approved plan of Rehabilitation and resettlement shall be paid to each family. For construction of cattle sheds Rs.25000 also will be paid to each displaced family which include those also who are losing their sheds-cum-kothas. Even artisans and small traders and shopkeepers shall get Rs.40000 for construction of work sheds etc. The compensation under the R&R plan, prima facie appear to be on satisfactory lines especially when payments are decided to be made strictly on Aadhar base but the process must start immediately as dislocation can hardly be amply and fully compensated in terms of one’s emotional attachment to one’s original place of living.