Pakistan in terror blacklist; India’s stand vindicated

Day in and day out, Pakistan continues to get snubbing as also face summary indictment from International forums of varied importance followed by imposition of sanctions against it in respect of its die hard commitment to promote and sustain terrorism. With this development it could be deduced that India’s stand being vindicated equally day in and day out in respect of facing perpetual proxy aggression from Pakistan in the form of infiltration of Pakistani trained terrorists to create terror and violence in the region , especially in Jammu and Kashmir. The latest development in the form of The Asia Pacific Group of the FATF has firmly put Pakistan in a terror ‘blacklist’ for its failure to curb funnelling of funds to groups responsible for scores of attacks in India.
It is one thing that Pakistan having grown thick skinned over years on promoting global terrorism as its inalienable part of state policy, has developed immunity against international snubbing , isolation and even sanctions or how can that country account for the fact that out of 40 compliance parameters , it has been found flaunting and hard core non compliant on as many as 32 parameters all related to terror financing and money laundering, by Financial Action Task Force’s (FATF) Asia Pacific Group. It is not that worth trashing reports of so called Human Rights “Violations” in India managed by Pakistan to be issued periodically after expending lot of lobbying and influencing at the concerned table of the UN agency that Pakistan finds reasons to “celebrate” but the open indictment by an important International Agency like FATF and that too on proven points and scores , Pakistan must now surely go in deep remorseful introspection and do practically something on the ground so that it does not continuously fail to meet the required standards of institutions like FATF and the expectations of the world community.
It is noteworthy that the meeting of the Asia Pacific Group of the FATF was held in Canberra, Australia and the discussions lasted over seven hours over two days and every point pertaining to deep involvement of Pakistan in facilitating channels of funds to its ‘growing and manufacturing’ terror came up for discussion. So much was the pointed involvement in terror funding of Pakistan proven , that Pakistan’s multi- ministerial team at the said meeting led by the Governor of the State of Pakistan virtually could offer no explanation . Its committed solemn promise to keep sustained and running the funds channels of terror outfits likeLashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Mohammed cost it being blacklisted by the FATF or to be precise having been placed in the Enhanced Expedited Follow Up List . India, on the contrary was represented by a team of officials from Ministries of Home, External Affairs and Finance as India is a member of both the APG and the FATF consultations.
Can any country afford to absorb series of shocks especially when its economy is in pitiable bankrupt position amidst global economic slowdown? This blacklisting was going to accentuate Pakistan’s financial problems in an environ of it frantically seeking aid from all possible international avenues. Pakistan has nothing got to do very special which was beyond its realm of capacities except producing credible , irreversible and verifiable action against terrorism . That would create a congenial and serious environment for holding any type of talks with this country since believing in no flip -flop attitude or any sort of oscillating between set of any options other than divorcing fully all links with terrorism by Pakistan, was the avowed policy of the Modi Government which Pakistan needs to bear in time. Asia Pacific Group of FATF which is the global watchdog for terror financing and money laundering seems to be not even remotely or least convinced about anything worth noting having been moved on the ground for any change of heart in respect of Pakistan’s policy of faith towards promoting and sustaining terrorism based on religious bigotry and hate.
India is doing its homework incessantly in the matter to the extent of articulating its view point before the International Community having been the longest victim of terrorism and associated ills all exported by Pakistan illegally into our territory for four decades in a row . Prime Minister having met French leaders is likely to meet President Trump where besides other issues , the one related to continuous support to terrorism by Pakistan was going to be focussed on, especially in the light of the recent suicide bomber attack in a wedding in Kabul Afghanistan which left 65 dead and a hundred seriously injured and the pointed finger towards the epicentre of organising of such attacks was already visible .