Pakistan: 25 injured, public property set on fire near court after Imran’s arrival

Islamabad , March 19 : After former Pakistan PM Imran Khan arrived at the Federal Judicial Complex (FJC) on Saturday afternoon, the area turned into a battlefield as at least 25 people were injured and public properties were set on fire amid clashes, Dawn reported.
After hours-long battles in the federal capital between the police and supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI), 30 vehicles, including motorbikes, and a police chowki were set on fire. A group of law enforcement officers and PTI supporters engaged in violent altercations that resembled the situation at Zaman Park earlier this week. Both sides used tear gas to drive the other side away, according to Dawn.
Together with petrol bombs to set the police’s cars on fire, the PTI attacked the police with rocks.
In order to tackle the unrest, 4,000 people–including 700 FC members and 1,000 Punjab police officers–were stationed in and around the complex to uphold law and order and prevent the crowd from getting there, reported Dawn.
After PTI chief Khan left for Islamabad Judicial Complex to appear before a court, the Punjab Police resumed an operation at the deposed prime minister’s residence, broke into his house, and arrested several party workers in the act.
In response, the former prime minister said it was “clear” that despite having gotten “bail” in the cases lodged against him, the Pakistan Democratic Movement-led government intended to arrest him.
“It is now clear that, despite my having gotten bail in all my cases, the PDM govt intends to arrest me. Despite knowing their mala fide intentions, I am proceeding to Islamabad & the court bec I believe in rule of law. But ill intent of this cabal of crooks shd be clear to all,” tweeted Khan.
“The assault on my house today was first of all a contempt of court. We had agreed that an SP with one of our people would implement a search warrant bec we knew otherwise they would plant stuff on their own, which they did. Under what law did they break the gate, pull down trees and barge into the house heavily armed. Worse, they did this after I left to present myself before Islamabad court, & Bushra bibi, a totally private non political person, was alone in house. This is a total violation of the Islamic principle of sanctity of chadar & char diwari,” he tweeted.
He also lamented over the fact that the raid took place when his wife Bushra Begum was alone at the Zaman Park residence.
The former PM also lashed at Pakistan media regulatory body for barring television channels from the live coverage of rallies or public gatherings.
“Strongly condemn govt trying, through PEMRA, to muzzle our voice through an illegal ban on us, violative of the court order, on TV channels. Now to pressure the media further, PEMRA has issued another notice accusing TV channels of violating their earlier. notice. Fascism at its worst,” he said.
The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Saturday restricted live coverage of events outside the Islamabad Judicial Complex, where PTI chairman Imran Khan will be arriving for a court hearing in the Toshakhana case.
The court later suspended Khan’s non-bailable warrants in the Toshakhana case after an hours-long drama at the Islamabad Judicial Complex.