Pak using terror to create civil unrest in Valley: Brig Gupta

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Sept 8: Brig (retd) Anil Gupta, State spokesperson of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today said that Pakistan is using all tricks in its bag to incite civil unrest in Kashmir so that it’s case at forthcoming UN Human Rights Council and UNGA meetings is strengthened.
In a statement issued here he said, credit goes to Kashmiris for cooperating with the Government and security forces which has so far kept the situation calm. He strongly condemned the cowardly act of a terror attack on the civilians in Sopore resulting in critical injury to a minor child among others. The deep state is so frustrated from the fact that the Kashmiris rather than playing to their tunes are cooperating with the Government for return of normalcy at the earliest asserted Brig Gupta.
They want to prevent the shifting of apple crop to the markets outside the State, which caters for livelihood of majority Kashmiris. It only shows that they don’t care for the Kashmiris but are interested only to promote Pakistani agenda rued Brig Gupta. A stronger counter offensive by India’s diplomatic missions is required to expose Pakistan, he added.
He said Pakistan has changed the geographic and demographic identity of PoJK long back. It has no justification to object on the State’s reorganisation undertaken by the Government of India. It is purely an internal administrative action which needs no interference from any other nation. The Indian Defence Minister has already stated that Pakistan has no locus standi in J&K, BJP spokesperson added.
“Deep State’s attempt to use civilians and children as human shields and bringing them forcibly to LOC is highly condemnable and violation of international conventions”, he said. It not only exposes the chunks in it capability to fight sustained war but is also a clear cut example of Human Rights violations which indian delegation at the Human Rights Council must highlight along with the atrocities committed by it in Baluchistan, and Gilgit-Baltistan, stated Brig Gupta.
Commenting on the deployment of additional regular Army troops opposite Poonch sector, Brig Gupta felt that it was a purely defensive act by the enemy and is a reaction to strengthening of our deployment on LoC post Balakot strikes. Pakistan does not have the capacity and capability to sustain a conventional war against India beyond seven days due to the limited quantities of reserves on its inventory of ammunition and fuel clarified Brig Gupta.