Pak rattled

Recent landmark decision taken by Modi Govt abrogating article 370 has rattled Pakistan. She is leaving no stone unturned to demean India internally and externally propogating malice in the contact of article 370. Revoking article 370 is an internal matter of the country and it does not appear sound to Poke ones nose into the internal matters of any country.
Pakistan is prompting terrorists and her sole agenda is to destablise India. Shelling on our borders is a continuous process that is creating havoc among the people on the borders. Cross border terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir has paved the way to separatism and redicalisation which demolished rather muzzled the philosophy of Nud-rish-Lal Ded and also other saints and suffis documented in the anals of history. Bewildered Pakistan went UNO and raised her concern there in the meeting. Except China, none of the UNSC members favoured. Under the Simla agreement India is ever ready for bilateral talks for peaceful settlement of any issue provided Pakistan stops terrorism.
Violence is no solution to any issue.Pakistan is isolated in the context of article 370 in the world forum and let good sense prevail upon her for resolving issues bilaterly as rightly said that friends can be changed and neighbours cannot.
S N Raina