Pak Hindus oppose revival of cricket series


Hindu families from Pakistan have strongly opposed the revival of cricket series between the two nations as they had to face harassment and humiliation if India won the game.

“It is our bad luck, we are Pakistani Hindus. We are not responsible for India/Pak win or defeat but for Pak’s defeat we have to bear the radicals’ wrath,” a Hindu family from Pakistan said on the condition of anonymity.

Hindu families from Pakistan alleged that social discrimination, extortions, kidnappings, conversions, and forced marriages, have become the day to day affairs in Pakistan.

They said they are scared by the forthcoming Indo-Pak Cricket series.

“We do not want any match between both the countries as if Pak loses our life would become hell. We appealed to Indian players either not to play or lose the match,” another family said.

Most of the families have come from Sindh in Pakistan.

Some said they will return, while others said, “they will prefer death least returning Pakistan.”

“I have raised this issue in the current session of parliament, but government has not answered it appropriately,” BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Avinash Rai Khanna said here.

Khanna claimed that government always reiterated:”It is Paks’s internal matter. We can’t do any thing.”

Over 250 Hindus belonging to Balochistan and Sindh provinces, where the community has been the target of extortions, kidnapping and forced conversions, have crossed over to India since August 10 amid reports of exodus following the kidnapping of a Hindu girl who was kidnapped in Sindh province. (PTI)


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