Pak has made terrorism industry & business: DM

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressing BJP workers’ meeting in Lucknow on Friday. (UNI)
Defence Minister Rajnath Singh addressing BJP workers’ meeting in Lucknow on Friday. (UNI)

‘Nations not helping it financially now’

Scrapping 370 ended crisis of credibility

Sanjeev Pargal

JAMMU, Nov 22: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh today charged Pakistan with making terrorism as its industry and business because of which its economy was collapsing and maintained that the nations which used to patronize the neighbouring country aren’t ready to help it financially now.
In a series of tweets after a function in Lucknow, his Lok Sabha constituency, Rajnath said abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir has ended the “crisis of credibility” in politics.
“Jan Sangh Kay Zamane Se Hamne Dhara 370 Samapat Karne Ki Baat Kahi Thi (From the time of Jan Sangh we had talked of abrogation of Article 370),” he said.
Attacking Pakistan for aiding and abetting terrorism, the Defence Minister said the neighbouring country has made terrorism as `Udhyog Dhandha’ (industry and business). Economy of Pakistan was collapsing due to this, he added.
“Pakistan sees its existence by working against India. Prices are rising there and their economy is collapsing. The countries which used to patronize them are not ready to help them financially now,” Rajnath said, adding that people in the country did not need to worry as under “our Prime Minister, no one can dare to see us with bad intentions”.
Terming abrogation of special Constitutional provisions of Jammu and Kashmir on August 5 as a big achievement, the Defence Minister said this has ended the “crisis of credibility” in politics.
“The abrogation of Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir is a step which ended the crisis of credibility in politics. There was a belief in people that in politics whatever is said is not done. But we did what we said,” he asserted.
The Defence Minister said they had promised abrogation of Article 370 in their manifestoes since the days of the Jan Sangh and when “we got the absolute majority, we fulfilled our promise”.
“Since August 5–the day the special status of Jammu and Kashmir was revoked, no civilian has been killed there. On the other hand, our security forces have killed a number of terrorists and normalcy is returning there,” he added.
PTI adds: Mentioning the ASEAN Defence Minister’s summit in Bangkok recently, Rajnath said the image of the country has improved abroad due to Prime Minister Narendra Modi.
“I met Defence Ministers of 10 countries and everyone was eager for the meeting. I as Rajnath Singh is nothing but as a Defence Minister of India, everyone was keen on meeting us due to the image built by the Prime Minister abroad,” he said.
“The image of India has improved manifold in foreign countries. The Defence Minister of the US during a meeting said they had the best relations with India in the present times,” he added.
Attacking the opposition charge of economic slowdown, Rajnath said, “Despite global recession, it’s impact is less in the country. Our economy is growing at a fast pace. We are going to become a dollar 5 trillion economy by 2024.”
“By 2025, we will become one of the top five economic powers of the world and in next 10-14 years, India will be among the top three,” he claimed.
Striking an emotional chord with party workers, Rajnath, asked them to directly inform him about any incident of grief in their families.
“I should be directly informed if any worker has any grief. I will call him. I might not be there in your good times, but will surely reach you in bad one,” he said.
Rajnath on the occasion also highlighted various works that are going on in his constituency and promised to do more to end traffic woes in the city.