Pak continues on FATF’s ‘Grey List’


Having continuously failed in hoodwinking FATF -the international watchdog against terror financing, Pakistan continues to be penalised and thus shamed for not appearing to do anything substantial against the UN designated and proscribed terrorists Hafiz Sayed, Zakier Lakhvi and Masood Azhar. It may be noted that these terrorists are India’s most wanted ones in respect of their known involvement in terror attacks in this country. The official statement by FATF that Pakistan continues to remain on ”increased monitoring ” list which is commonly known as ”Grey List” denotes world’s recognition of Pakistan aiding and abetting terror against other countries particularly India. It cannot, therefore, ordinarily and easily raise loan and be eligible for various financial aids and support from any of the international agencies designated as such. While Pakistan knows where it hurts them the most looking to its economy being in utter mess with highest inflation, low GDP and massive unemployment, it cannot, being its state policy, bid adieu to sponsoring and promoting terrorism, more so, funding and financially supporting it through various banking adjustments and accommodations including Hawala transactions. It is only a step away from being put under ”Black List” and there should be such a provision that on three consecutive occasions being in ‘Grey List”, a defaulting country could straightaway be put under the ”Black List” to put pressure on it to mend its ways and change its proterror policy.