Pak channels blocked

Our relations with Pakistan, our neighbour country are not normal. Having good and normal relations with a neighbour is a boon and a great gift for the people of both the countries. From day one, Pakistan adopted hostile attitude towards us. She has a litany of grouses right from the day of partition of India down to present day. A country created on hatred and vengeance can never become a friendly country owing to peculiar mindset which it develops in the course of history. Muslim leadership of the subcontinent, during the freedom struggle, could not think beyond communal parameters of the subcontinent. Many fallacies were created and sustained like India has done us injustice, India has taken the bulk of area, India has left us famished, and India wants to squeeze us so forth and so on. Since partition of the country and making a new state of Pakistan seems incompatible with the long standing past of the people of the subcontinent Pakistan is desperate to prove and safeguard its identity, which, according to its thinkers and rulers, can be proved only by adopting anti-India and anti-Hindu stance..
This is reflected in the programmes run by Pakistani print and electronic media. It attributes its existence to adopting anti India posture on each and every thing. Pakistan inducted this line of propaganda in the case of its overt and covert support to Kashmiri insurgents. In order to heighten tension between the Muslim majority of Kashmir valley and the Indian State, Pakistan adopted the policy of projecting India as the enemy of Islam and enemy of Muslims of the State. This is precisely the language which the separatists and secessionists of Kashmir are speaking. And now even mainstream politicians like the leaders of the National Conference, too, have begun to speak the same language, It became the policy of Kashmiriris to believe in Pakistan’s propaganda and even add something more to it to make it effective and impressive for the masses of the people in the valley. Cable operators threw the rules and regulations to wind and in defiance of the terms of agreement, they began to broadcast a number of Pakistani and Saudi channels that pour out nothing but orthodox and conservative ideas in the name of Islam to lead the viewers astray. The youth in Kashmir are said to have been fond of watching channels of Pakistan and Saudi which only relayed programme conducive to a conservative Islamic society. Print media has carried the full list of these channels which were clandestinely operated by the cable operators in Srinagar with the only purpose of intensifying sedition in Kashmir.
Taking serious note of this situation, and also going through the reports of the intelligence agencies, the Union Ministry of Broadcasting has ordered taking all Pakistani channels off the cable networks in Kashmir after the Government ordered that non-permitted TV channels should not be aired. The things had come to this pass that some of the cable operators confronted authorities saying that since the State was governed by Article 370 the orders of the Union Information and Broadcasting Ministry were not applicable to the State and the valley.
The point is that a case can be framed against the cable operators who have been airing such channels as were not allowed. They signed an agreement with the Broadcasting Ministry at the time of obtaining permission for installing cable network. We would suggest that Vigilance Commission should frame a case against all of the cable operators who deliberately violated the rules with the clear and undeniable motive of promoting and supporting sedition in Kashmir valley. This will prove a deterrent and in future nobody will have the audacity of violating the rules and regulations.