Pak Army Chief

The suspense over appointment of new Pak Army Chief has come to an end with the appointment of  Gen Jamar Bajwa.
In India, appointment of new Chief was keenly watched by Army and political analysts.
The relation between India and Pakistan reached to nadir during former incumbent Raheel Sharief obviously due to his anti-India sentiment which he had been noursing since he joined armed forces. It is reported that he sabotaged almost every effort of Pak civilian Government to improve relations with India.
The present Chief is known for professionalism and democratic values. It is his this point that  fetched him the coveted post. In India military observers do not expect  that relations between the two countries  would improve much.
Even then it is hoped against hope that he would not escalate tension between  the countries. Let us hope that he understands very well the dynamics of Indo-Pak relations and work for peace in the sub-continent.
Yours etc….
Sunil Sharma


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