Pain in a relation

Everything’s ruined, everything’s wasted,
Different aspects of life i’ve tasted.
Not to believe not to trust,
You can’t understand my heart’s thrist.
You have your emotions crossed feelings tainted,
Brain full of ideas almost fainted.
You expect everything
But nothing you can do, then I got you and your ideas too.
Not even mature not even wise,seems like its hard for our relation to rise.
This won’t work I am dying, you might be happy
But I am crying.
I’ve no words how to explain, dont even know what to complain.
Falling from sky hanging on a tree,
I am not at all happy then how could you be.
Just fixed at a point, you don’t wanna move,
Its ok sweetheart you’ve nothing left to prove.
I live or I die, but you wont ever cry.
Coz that’s what I don’t want to be,
And my heart’s feelings, you wont be able to see