PAGD constituents deceit root cause of people’s misery: Rana

BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing gathering in Jammu on Thursday.
BJP leader Devender Singh Rana addressing gathering in Jammu on Thursday.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Mar 17: Senior BJP leader Devender Singh Rana today described politics of deception and deceit, unleashed by constituents of PAGD over the decades, as root cause of the public unrest in Jammu and Kashmir, saying the tendency of being seen on both sides of the fence has eroded the credibility of the politicians, especially those who tend to be mainstream when rehabilitated to corridors of power and soft- separatists when out of it.
During his interactive session with a cross section of the society here, the BJP leader referred to the rants of restoration of 1953 position to J&K and the self-rule doctrine, saying the proponents conveniently forget these slogans after getting into the cradle of power and use them to mislead and hoodwink the people of Kashmir when out of power.
“The proponents of the restoration of the 1953 status ignore the reality of the 1975- Accord and brazenly cast smoke screen over the political realisation that the needles of clock could not be reversed back”, Devender Rana said, adding that after becoming the beneficiaries of the accord, they forget the bogey of 1953 status when in power but resort to the beaten track again whenever rejected by the people in elections. He asked them to introspect and ponder over the response they are getting in elections.
Rana wondered over the so-called moral grandstanding of some leaders, who keep shedding tears for the people but forget the bruises they kept inflicting upon them in the arrogance of power. They may pretend to forget but the people know how they taunted innocent children who fell victims to their wrong handling of situations and policies. The people also know how they mocked the victims by asking whether they had gone for fetching toffees while falling prey during violence unleashed by terror sponsored mobs, he added.
“The so-called mainstream leaders keep exploiting the public sentiment for the sake of power and bully New Delhi while finding their hegemony being threatened or challenged”, Mr Rana said while advising the self-seeking politicians to learn saying ‘no’ to contradictions and to shun their tactics for remaining relevant in the politics. Such tendencies might have worked for them in the past and now in the changed political landscape of the country believing that the politics of blackmail will yield dividends is illusionary. The people, both in the Kashmir Valley and in the Jammu division, are sagacious enough to read between the lines and differentiate between the public interest and self interest. He said the politics of deceit has exposed the politicians with vested interest.
He expressed his happiness over the people making sagacious decisions in coming under the umbrella of the BJP, which, he said, stands guarantee to ending the decades long exploitation and discrimination in accordance with the cherished agenda of the Prime Minister ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas, Sabka Vishwas”. He said the clear vision of Narendra Modi is instilling confidence among the people in this part of the country about peace heralding and massive development taking place in Jammu and Kashmir.