Package employees take out protest rally

Package employees protesting at Jammu on Saturday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
Package employees protesting at Jammu on Saturday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Nov 26: PM package employees under the banner of All Migrant Employees Association Kashmir (AMEAK) took out a massive barefooted protest rally on the Constitution Day here, today to press their demand of relocation /attachment and demanded restoration of their basic and fundamental rights.
The protesting employees criticised the administration for its callous attitude and policy of stopping their salaries.
Hundreds of package employees marched barefooted towards Press Club from Relief Commissioner’s Office and sought attention of the Government towards their long pending demand of relocation / deployment. These employees were also seen blowing quench shells repeatedly while saying that they performed such kind of an activity to awaken the administration from its deep slumber.
The aggrieved employees blamed the UT administration in general and Kashmir administration in particular for taking hard stand against the package employees that has caused a great pain and sufferings among them and their families. The protesting employees also lashed out the successive governments for their failures in granting justice to package employees.
Expressing their strong resentment against the UT administration for its failure to address the genuine and legitimate demand of employees for last six months, these aggrieved employees blamed the Government that it has completely failed to provide security to package employees due to which two package employees have lost their lives among others.
Holding placards and banners in their hands,
the protesting employees during their rally were raising loud sloganeering in support of their demand and against the UT administration. “The successive governments have completely failed to address their issues for last 12 years and they even bore all this but when there is a threat perception to our lives what can we do,” said one of the protesting employee Sanjay. He also said that Government must resolve their issue without wasting time.
The protesters also criticised the Government for harassing the employees by different kinds of pressure tactics . They also showed their anguish about the Government for stopping of their salaries. They appealed the concerned authorities to release their salaries till the issue get resolved.