Overpopulation and unemployment

It is very important to mention about the population which is increasing at a very rapid rate and now has become a serious concern. The growing rate is directly or indirectly related to unemployment in the country. If we look at the worldometers it is updating as one birth per second.The actual rate may vary.The overpopulation which means an unplanned population puts pressure on the economic, social and definitely on the educational process.
The results of overpopulation have catastrophic effects on the environment on the whole and youth in particular who would raise either go for demonstrations or suicide, which is not a past story.The suicide reports are in heaps for the reasons of unemployment.
There is a dire need for “population education” which should not be like a slogan “Hum Do Hamare Do”-a notion of past not practically adopted. The youth of today is the future of tomorrow. There should be some strict pre-planning for the population control and for enhancing employment.
Rajat Kumar
Bigota, Doda