Overcome administrative inadequacies

In the hazy political climate developed due to recent scams of enormous magnitude (2G, CWG, Adrash, Coalgate) and the present Govt’s move to  deny charges with full force by interpretation of legal intricacies before media, courts, commission, conducting probes by CBI and other groups, we witness a worse scenario by way of  seething anger all around the country. That how even functioning of Parliament was stalled and how credibility of institution and individual psyche got affected is for all to see. We must seriously apply curative measures.
The country is facing serious problems both on external and internal fronts. Here, we just touch those which concern our day to day lives. While some of the problems remain beyond the Govt control viz rising prices of petroleum products from gulf countries, terrorist activity with overt  and covert support of other countries, circulation of fake currency notes, dependence of agri. products mainly on timely Monsoon, yet the other important problems viz managing availability of quality goods, hasslefree services, better facilities, at affordable prices are due to internal lacuna in exercising vigilance, initiating timely action, menace of black money, corruption, faulty PDS, checking leakage and pilferage, delivery of timely justice. Not that nothing is done but much needs to be done.
What really ails the society is erosion of social and moral values and building of national character which is now becoming a breeding ground for anti social and national elements. Due to wild greed, hypocrisy, they hunt for fulfilling self interest at the cost of public interest by degrading the system, rule and regulation.
At the same time, the existing system of multiparty functioning of Govt with undependable support of coalition partners  has made the things untoward for stability for fear of withdrawal of support and losing the lust of power.
Certainly, the challenge is to overcome the inadequacies. We can reach milestone provided we have leadership at all levels who can set precedents by selfless service and sacrifice and get the function of their domain clean, efficient, transparent, vibrant with effective checks and balance and deterrent punishment, effective redress mechanism instead of keeping eyes, ears, fingers closed/crossed.
Time has come for serious introspection in order to offset the adverse effects of political dilemma which results in nonfeasance, malfeasance, misfeasance in governance and thereby secure interests and well being of citizens.
Yours etc….
P K Mam
Talab Tillo, Jammu


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