Over speeding claims yet another toll of lives

A truck reportedly overladen with cement bags and some labourer “passengers” dumped in the vehicle along with the ‘load’ and at the top of it all, over speeding by the driver resulted in the vehicle turning turtle at Moon Land in Lama Yuru on 8th instant leading to the tragic death of nine persons including two children of two families belonging to Rajasthan . The ill-fated truck was on its way from Srinagar to Leh and the deceased had boarded the vehicle to reach Leh for eking out a living .
It is surprising that both the driver and the conductor of the Truck belonging to Kashmir and knowing fully the precarious results of over speeding on the Srinagar -Leh road, not only illegally allowed the labourers to board the truck but after the accident fled away unhurt, instead of providing help to the victims buried under hundreds of bags of cement. They are yet to be arrested. Had any Traffic personnel on the road just stopped and conducted routine preliminary checking etc, most probably these lives could have been saved from the jaws of such a tragic death. From each traffic accident, we learn momentary lessons never to be remembered any more to pre-empt further mishaps of different hues. That is quite unfortunate, though unacceptable.
Rules and regulations are not only conveniently violated but are overlooked in most of the cases ‘knowingly’ by those who could dutifully take prompt action. Traffic and Transport Departments in Jammu and Kashmir really but urgently need an overhauling and rebuilding as on daily basis on roads, there is seen a vast difference in terms of their expected responsibilities, sense of duty and commitment as compared to ground realities.