Over 500 women form world’s biggest ‘W’ for water conservation

NEW DELHI, Oct 20:
With an aim to push forward the cause of water conservation, more than 500 women were brought together here in the national capital by an umbrella organisation of women-led ventures in areas of art, architecture, design and engineering to form the world’s largest human formation of the letter ‘W’.
The event marked the beginning of a community named ‘Women Water Warriors’, with the letter ‘W’ representing women standing for the water conservation cause.
Initiated by WADE Foundation Chairperson Vertica Dvivedi, the massive on-ground awareness campaign at NSIC Ground in Okhla area of the national capital last weekend brought together more than 500 women from various fields for a common purpose in different capacities.
Dvivedi, also the founder of WADE Asia (the continent’s largest platform for women architects, designers, artists and engineers), said, “Creating a world record and getting recognized by the Asia Book of Records is very encouraging for all the Women Water Warriors. I consider it as the beginning for many more great things to come.”
She said WADE Foundation, a non-profit organisation, will be working on various water-related initiatives from January 2020 onward.
According to a statement, the two-day event saw more than 7,000 visitors while over 50 exhibitors took in the annual WADE Asia exhibition, which had a theme of ‘Water, women and workmanship’ this year.
In his special address at the event, the National Real Estate Development Council (NAREDCO) Chairperson Rajeev Talwar said, “If you can sustain a show for four years with women architects, designers, artists and engineers to recognise the contribution of women, I am quite sanguine this show is set to increase geometrically and should help women come naturally into skill development.” (PTI)