Over 150 killed in China flash floods; dozens missing, thousands evacuated

BEIJING : More than 150 people have been killed and dozens were missing due to flash floods triggered by torrential rains in north and central China.
Officials said that Hebei and Henan provinces are the worst hit by the flash floods and landslides.
At least 114 people have been killed in Hebei, while 111 were missing and 53,000 houses destroyed, they said.
Fifteen people have been killed and 72,000 evacuated in Henan province.
In Xingtai city, at least 25 people have died, following which people demonstrated against the government for failing to warn them of the flooding.
The Chinese authorities have said they will provide funds for flood-hit areas.
Over 1.5 million hectares of crops have been damaged and direct economic losses exceed 3 billion dollars. (AGENCIES)


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