Osteoarthritis in people

Dr Rahul Sharma
OSTEOARTHRITIS ( also known as OA ). It is a joint disease that more commonly affects middle-age to elderly people but more commonly affects body weight bearing joint know as knee. Suddenly the patient feels pain in the knee and gradually as the disease progresses a leads to difficulty in walking and with progression it may make the patient bed ridden.
At first the patient can’t understand what is going on but gradually during process of evaluation x-ray of the involved joint reveals that it’s a type of arthritis known as osteoarthritis.
OSTEOARTHRITIS most commonly seen in aged population and it affects all joints of the body like knee, hip, shoulder, ankle, spine and greater toes but more commonly affect knee joints which bears the weight of the body.
If you’re suffering from Osteoarthritis, you may face the following problems like swelling in the knee joint, difficulty in walking and severe pain during walking.
OSTEOARTHRITIS mainly affects the cartilage, which is a chusion like covering over the ends of the bone which protects the bone from direct friction during movement. With increasing age these cartilage gradually wear off and leads to loss of this protective covering and expose them to friction. This leads to swelling and pain in the joints.
Although osteoarthritis can affect any sex and any age but it’s more common to females more than 50 years of age. The altered hormone status and physical characteristics of females in this age group is to be blamed for. Though it’s common in older population but now-adays younger generations shows symptom of the disease.
* Complaint of severe pain
* Difficulties during movement of joint
* Feeling stiffness in the body.
* Swelling of this involved joint.
* Obesity * Aging * Damage joints.
Prevention: Exercise-regularly to get relief from pain. relieve the pain. Exercise helps in several ways…..it’s strengthens the surrounding muscles of the joints and improved the mobility of the joint. Exercises also helps in maintaining the body weight.
Diet in Osteoarthritis
A good amount of sensible healthy diet include omega fats ( fish oil and ground linseed) , and consider using glucosamine and chrondroitin supplements, oats, fruits and fruits salad, green vegetables, oatcakes, vitamin D, vitamin B12 and vitamin c. The vitamin c is reduces risk of inflammation.
Benefits of vitamin B12
* it helps red blood formation & anemeia prevention.
* It supports bone health & prevent osteoporosis( bone weakening)
* It may reduce vascular degeneration.
* It may improve mood and symptoms of depression.
Benefits of vitamin D in osteoarthritis
*It maintains the health of bone & teeth.
* It supports the health of immune system, brain and nervous system.
* It regulates insulin levels and aids diabetes treatment.
* It supports lung function and cardiovascular heath.
It also helps you to fight with Depression.
(The author is a Joints Replacement Surgeon)