Oral healthcare in Kashmir

There is insufficient number of doctors attending oral healthcare in Jammu and Kashmir, particularly in Kashmir valley as the Government has not taken enough measures in augmenting the requisite manpower nor the infrastructure . On the other hand, unemployed dental surgeons whose number as per latest estimates is more than 3000 are there without being absorbed on vacant posts. This all results in the oral health care taking a severe beating as the number of patients is increasing day by day without commensurate infrastructure to take care thereof.
It is unbelievable on the very face of it that for more than 10 years there has been absolutely no addition into existing strength of dental surgeons. On the other hand, district and sub district hospitals depict an absolutely pathetic position as there being acute shortage of doctors while the visiting patients keep on increasing who finding no care and facilities at government hospitals are forced to consult and get “treated” by quacks thus becoming prone to infections. While there is demand from the unemployed dental surgeons for some employment package, at the same time the Government must address the issue of oral healthcare in its totality.