Opposition unity

Refer article ‘Opposition unity in tatters’ DE March 13, 2019.
The much touted Mahagathbandhan was doomed to fail since its inception as it was not based on any common agenda for the country. The parties that held many shows of ‘Unity’ had just one point : ‘Remove Modi’ and nothing else. Though these were some fleeting glimpses that the opposition alliance may take off, the project got haywire as opportunists came in the way. Every political party tried to protect its interest by not forging alliances with each other at the State level. Had they been sincerely interested in countering NDA alliance, they should have forsaken their egos, interests and come forward with a common prime ministerial candidate, and a common agenda for governance. There is nothing like that. Anti-Narendra Modi plan is not working for them. Even people do not support such a idea. Besides, a fractured verdict is not good for the country. As the country is passing through crisis, it needs a strong and stable Government. The people too should make their choice accordingly.
Karanjeet Singh