Opportunity to position Ayodhya as the ‘Vatican of India’: HAI

Opportunity to position Ayodhya as the 'Vatican of India': HAI

NEW DELHI, Feb 12 : Ayodhya should not be merely looked from a religious tourism circuit point of view but it is an opportunity for the country to make it the ‘Vatican of India’, according to top officials of the Hotel Association of India.

With the consecration of the Ram Temple last month, Ayodhya has become a major tourist attraction. 50 to 100 hotels across categories will come up in the next three to five years in the place, they said.

“We have the opportunity, not just look at it (at Ayodhya) from a religious circuit point of view but it is an opportunity for India to make this like the ‘Vatican of India’ because if people go to Italy or Rome, whichever category they are from, they go to visit Vatican without fail,” Hotel Association of India (HAI) Vice-President KB Kachru said.

Speaking at a press conference on the sidelines of 6th HAI Hoteliers’ Conclave, Kachru, who is also the Chairman Emeritus and Principal Advisor South Asia, Radisson Hotel Group, said Ayodhya has been positioned across the world in such a manner that the interest level has increased multifold.

“They feel that if they are going to India they should also visit Ayodhya,” Kachru said,  adding with this in mind, all branded hotel companies are optimistic about the growth in the city.

HAI President Puneet Chhatwal said Ayodhya’s time has come and nothing can stop it and 50 to 100 hotels across categories will get built there in the coming three to five years.

Chhatwal, who is also the Managing Director and CEO of Indian Hotels Company Ltd, said his company has already signed for three properties and is signing up a fourth one too.

He, however, admitted that seamless air-connectivity is still an issue for Ayodhya at the moment.

From the branded hotels players, Kachru said, “About 12 hotels have already been finalised for Ayodhya from 5-start to mid-scale hotels, and deals closed. Construction will start in the next three to six months.”

Radisson Hotel already has a functional property at Ayodhya. (PTI)