Opening of 51 new liquor shops worst gift of BJP: Cong

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Mar 12: The proxy Government of BJP  has set the process of opening of 51 more liquor vends in one go, which is the worst gift to the City of Temples and youth of Jammu and Kashmir.
Lambasting the ruling BJP for its dual standards, JKPCC chief spokespersons, Ravinder Sharma reminded the people and the BJP that in opposition it used to raised much hue and cry over these issues terming it as conspiracy against the Jammu youth and push them to drink addiction. The party is now answerable to the whole sale sanction and opening of 51 liquor shops, 45 of which in Jammu province. Is it not a conspiracy against youth of Jammu region now, he questioned.
The BJP has opened all doors of sale of local resources and trade to outsiders at the cost of local traders. The mining and liquor trades are class example of this, which used to be local traders and small contractors earlier. On one hand, the Government has expanded  this trade, hitherto opposed on religious and social grounds, by the BJP and on the other hand it has been opened to  outside barons at the cost of individual local traders and bread earners especially the mining trade which has rendered lakhs of people jobless and their livelihood like local work force, tractor, trolleys, other farmers around the river beds.
It has deprived them of their earnings and independence in trade besides the cost of  sand, bajri and grabble has gone beyond the reach of the poor and common man. The illegal trade is thriving without bothering for the notifications of price control and parallel illegal economy is development giving rise to mafia.
The Govt must stop the illegalities of these trades and fleecing of the poor and  common man besides the ill-affects of frequent availability of liquor in every nook and corner including in most vulnerable areas and sections.