Opening of 3 Sub Registrars’ offices creates massive traffic mess at Janipur

Traffic mess near office of Sub-Registrar at Janipur in Jammu. —Excelsior/Rakesh
Traffic mess near office of Sub-Registrar at Janipur in Jammu. —Excelsior/Rakesh

‘Arnia, Dansal people made to visit Jammu office’

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Oct 28: With the ill-conceived idea of some officials at the helm of affairs in the Lt Governor’s Administration of shifting three offices of the Sub Registrars for the purpose of Registry of lands/shops/ houses etc of the public to JDA Complex Janipur, a massive traffic mess has been created in the locality.

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New Plots, Janipur-High Court area is already facing acute problem of traffic congestion for the last over a decade. The much hyped road widening project of the Government from Amphalla- New Plot to Janipur is lying in the cold storage with no attention of the officers and public representatives concerned for the last several years. Moreover , the proposed flyover project is also nowhere in sight. Amidst these problems, the shifting of three major offices in this small complex at Janipur has added to the woes of the local residents.
Official sources said that three offices of the Sub Registrar Jammu Khas, comprising area right from Dansal , Jindrah, Nagrotra, Jagti, Old Jammu City (Jammu East) and some parts of Jammu West; Jammu South including areas from Arnia, Bishnah, Gadigarh, Satwari, Mandal Phallain, Gandhi Nagar, Shastri Nagar, Trikuta Nagar, entire Bahu Tehsil has now been shifted in the small JDA complex where no sufficient parking space is available. There is already a market and there is less space for the traders and customers visiting there.
Not only this, just to make this problem more complex, the officials also shifted office of Sub Registrar, North from the existing office of SDM North near Janipur Main Stop, and relocated to the JDA complex, Janipur. At least 300 to 400 people besides advocates are visiting these offices every day but there is no parking facility at all. The people park their vehicles and bikes along the main New Plot –Janipur-Ban Talab Road and also in the adjoining lanes causing great inconvenience to the people of the locality. Even the parking for vehicles of the concerned officials/ staff is not available. The vehicles some times are caught in long traffic jams and there is no Traffic police available to control or clear the jams.
Sanjay Kumar, a local of the area said that earlier office of Sub Registrar South was located in the office complex of SDM South near Gadigarh near Satwari. It was more convenient for the people from Arnia-Bishnah, Satwari, Bahu Tehsil areas of Jammu South. Shifting this office to extreme North of Jammu city, causing most inconvenience to public is totally foolish and ill-conceived idea. He said the vehicles are seen scattered here and there on the road and also in the lanes. The general public has been left to suffer by the Administration.
Pankaj Sharma, another local said that at least the Government should have created enough parking space before shifting these offices. He said shifting of the office of Sub Registrar North to the JDA complex is right decision but shifted other two offices of Sub Registrar Jammu Khas from Wazarat Road near DC office complex Jammu and Sub Registrar Jammu South from Gadigarh are the surprising decisions. Moreover, during COVID-19 times, huge rush is noticed in these offices. There is very little approach space to the offices at the first floor. There is no scope of keeping social distancing. The people park their vehicles in lanes. Many vehicles of the local residents remain stuck/ trapped for hours. There is no control by Traffic or local police. There is strong demand of shifting at least Jammu Khas and Jammu South offices of the Sub Registrar from JDA complex to some other suitable locations as per the convenience of the general public, he added.