Open garbage dumping along Basohli-Bani Road mocks Govt’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ slogan

Heaps of garbage along Basohli-Bani Road polluting environment.
Heaps of garbage along Basohli-Bani Road polluting environment.

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, Apr 23: Hardly 200 meters away from the courts, police station and the bus stand Basohli, there are heaps of garbage, organs of the slain animals, feathers and intestines of the butchered chickens littered all along the Basohli Bani Road, making mockery of Government’s ‘Swachh Bharat’ slogan.
The place, where the heaps of the garbage and the dead animals are disposed, remains busy throughout day and night by the morning and evening walkers, the people from the nearby villages, the devotees of the temples and the passerby who stop there to have a glimpse of Ranjit Sagar Dam backwaters below.
It is worth mentioning here that there existed one tourist view point which collapsed 2 year after its construction. Due to the stinking environment one cannot pass through the road without covering his nose or using mask. The dumpers dump the town garbage there at the instance of the Municipal Council Basohli.
The crows and the dogs pick up the intestines and the carcasses from the heaps and drop in and around the bus stand and the courts. Many times the locals apprised the administration regarding the problem verbally and in writing but all fell flat upon them.
The people using the road often complain regarding the problem and are scared of outbreak of any epidemic if the remedial measures are not taken up immediately. It is funny, when the whole country has owned the slogan of ‘Swacch Bharat’ and are translating it in reality, Municipal Council and administration of Basohli have not yet recovered from the deep slumber in spite of bringing the matter time and again in their notice.
Before it is too late, the local administration and the Municipal Council Basohli must come in action and help remove the dirt which might claim many lives otherwise in case of outbreak of some epidemic in future.