The world is facing a serious pandemic situation of COVID-19 and is at large, coping up to get settled with the prevailing circumstances. During this situation, fitness trainers are using social media platforms such as Instagram, Linkedin and Twitter to train their customers and give the best diet consultancy to them. It is estimated that the online fitness industry is going to be the upcoming sector in the country.

There are various benefits associated with online consultancy in the fitness industry domain. You get the flexibility of just staying where you are and not going anywhere for the required consultancy. You also save your traveling time and it is extremely cost effective. We shall hereby discuss about a well-known fitness consultant AanchalChugh, who has gained upto 100k followers in a short period of time. Her online training programs have gained much popularity over Instagram with a large number of followers. People from all across the nation such as India, Pakistan, USA, Malaysia and Canada are following her.

AanchalChugh has started with many training challenges on online platforms with a tremendous amount of social experience. A huge number of participants – of about 10,000+ participated in the training consultancy sessions held by AanchalChugh on Instagram. AanchalChugh utilizes this platform to post various fitness related videos, gym-selfies as well as the training advice into lead generation success for the business. It is important to tap into the power of Instagram to engage with content related to fitness consultancy.

AanchalChugh has indeed utilized the online social media platform to build her personal training business. It is important to tap into the rich resource of personal training by posting the social media posts regularly about health and fitness. In her social media platform, AanchalChugh makes sure to post the best of online fitness success stories, fitness motivation and even some good humor over the Internet.

AanchalChugh believes in replicating her own personal training business by creating her own brand vision and horizons. It is important for people to be a part of your network and it is important to invite them to the training communities. It is also important to like, follow and share comments and posts from others on the social media platforms to expand the reach.

As a fitness trainer, AanchalChugh has been able to focus on her unique abilities and has understood as to what she really wants to achieve in this digital world. She has indeed realized the importance of coaching so as to have a more vivid snapshot of the audience. AanchalChugh is extremely clear and passionate about her horizons and vision and she clearly conveys it large to her customers.  She has successfully been able to define her target audience and create a vivid marketing persona of her online fitness consultancy. She has also understood the importance of converting the audience into loyal followers and customers.