One Rank One Pension

GoI is committed to Army and poor without any doubt. This NDA Government in 2015 implemented one rank one pension and promised to revise it every five year. It is also a fact that pension bill is rising every year as such stumbling block for development funds. However keeping in view of inflation and other factors Government gave the increase in shape of dearness allowance. More than 25.3 lakh personnel will be benefited and total money involved is Rs 8,450 crores per year and additional cost of arrears has to be taken care of as well. It is interesting to point out that Central Government’s and three states’ pension expenditure has increased wages and salary expenses. The Committed Expenditure of Centre is 37% of its total expenditure and is ever rising, a matter of concern. Though now very few departments are offering pension scheme but the very size of pension bill is staggering but due care has to be taken of our Army, serving as well as retired ones.