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Looking for a specialist or a doctor can be difficult. Firstly, you need to ask your general physician and then ask around for the best specialist that you are looking for. The internet covers various types of information and can give you a list of doctors with names and degrees, but how do you which one is genuine? Or how they treat? In order to answer these specific question Saurabh Arora and Rahul Narang started Lybrate where all the patients can look for professionals, get reviews and get tips on various topics of health from certified doctors themselves.

What is Lybrate?

Lybrate is an online platform, where you can find almost 15,00,00 medical professionals, specialists and physicians in various fields of healthcare like weight gain, weight loss, proper nutrition, fitness, yoga and even meditation. Other categories include anything under the sun like dermatology, skin and hair care, cancer treatment, asthma, lung disorders, heart disorders, kidney and liver related ailments, diabetes, cholesterol problems and more. You can also find features on mental health disorders like clinical disorders, bipolar disorders, OCD, ADHD and many such conditions. There are exclusive sections on women’s health like pregnancy, fertility, menstrual problems and more. Details on sexual disorders for both men and women are also available.

How Does Lybrate Work?

Lybrate is a one-step platform for all your health problems and doctor’s appointment. Through Lybrate you can do many things easily. All you need is an internet connection and you are good to do. The benefits of using Lybrate are:

  • You can educate yourself on various types of diseases, their symptoms, cure and treatment.
  • You can find specialized doctors or general physicians near your area.
  • You can analyse and compare the best doctors through various customer reviews.
  • There are educational videos by trained professionals who guide you on various subjects.
  • You can make an appointment online. Consultation is also available online. When you do not have enough time for a doctor visit, you can simply sit at home and have a good chat with your doctor on your concerned subject.
  • You can get lab tests done.
  • You can also get access to various health and treatment packages at a discounted rate like anger management, slip-disc surgery and more.
  • You can ask free questions about any issues that have been concerning you.
  • They also an impressive library of various types of medicines. There are thousands of medicines and each one clearly states what it is used for and what ailments it caters to.

Lybrate is an effort to organize the disorganized healthcare sector in India. Even with so much advancement in technology and stress on digitization, Indians still depends on traditional methods of visiting the doctor’s chamber, waiting for hours and then getting a check-up. It is also another hassle when you go to the chemist to buy medicines. Not at medicines are available everywhere and you need to run here and there for the specific ones. With a modern approach like Lybrate, this whole process tends to be easier and hassle free!


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