One more terror plan smashed

Pressing Drones intermittently by Pakistan, particularly from Arnia and other sectors in Jammu for dropping weapons and ammunition, has now become its new mode of fomenting trouble in this side to have terror related violence executed. It is, however, quite satisfying to note that Jammu Police recently succeeded in recovering a huge quantity of weapons dropped by such flying machine in Arnia sector of the International Border in Jammu thus nipping in the bud the nefarious terror designs of Pakistan to trigger series of blasts in Jammu division. People of Arnia have all along been very vigilant in detecting such suspicious movements and have been duly reporting to the security forces about the same.
It is again quite satisfying that timely inputs could be accessed by Jammu Police in respect of Drone movements in Arnia which helped in an early action and recovery much before the activists of the terror outfits and their helpers could have taken possession thereof. That the notorious ISI agency of Pakistan is reported to be behind such weapons dropping is confirmed with all authenticity who are taming the cadre of LeT and the TRF terror outfits for carrying out violent acts in the UT. This is the second terror plan which has been smashed and thwarted by the Police and the NIA during this very month.