One more dossier

Shiban Khaibri
Strange  as it appears that India  submits one more dossier of butchery to Pakistan evidencing  its  army’s one more barbaric act  of beheading of two of our brave hearts  but its envoy Basit smirks in return  as perhaps  for Pakistan , butchery is a joke. This dossier was preceded by our customary “Ninda” or condemnation . By the way,  have our words of Ninda proved of any avail, of any effect or any deterrent  on  umpteen occasions of omissions and commissions , instigations and indoctrination of terrorists, arming and funding them,  attacking and violating and other obnoxious and detestable acts of Pakistan against our country? Why then the “formality” of this “Ninda” with a rogue country ? Now it really means something more as it has treacherously succeeded in reducing  Kashmir  to what it is today, a highly radicalised , Islamised and sedition (ised) part of India. A place emerged out of seven waters or “Satisar” as a result of the efforts of  divinity of Rishi Kashyap, now   reduced to a nearly full blown religious frenzied uprising , of course confined to four districts of the valley. It is this Kashmir , now where traitor agent saboteurs torture peace loving patriotic Muslim youths who  apply for the posts of constables and other ranks in the state Police and join Indian army to serve the people and eke out a living for themselves. Their heads are tonsured, immersed  in buckets full of water and bodies mercilessly canned right in the victims’ houses. A live video is satanically made for circulation and sending waves of fright and terror  to “prospective  offenders”, if any.
Repeating historicity of coercion and fear, these  Jihadi agents of Pakistan can freely loot Banks to fund stone pelting gangs and keep lubricating  infrastructure of sustenance of Jihadi terror . They can kill local policemen and Bank employee guards but Geelani and others of his ilk cannot give a call of Hartal as he  religiously does when a jihadi  terrorist is neutralised . Those not falling in line with the unholy and diabolical agenda of traitors are flogged, terrorised and even killed. At the behest of Pakistan, of late dead bodies of terrorists killed in action are sought to be claimed which was witnessed again  in Kupwara attack on April 27, where two terrorists were killed. While claiming their bodies , a person got killed when he in a group attacked the army for the purpose. Now, latest placards in the hands of such enemy agents read, “No Hurriyat, No Aazadi but establishment of caliphet”.  The cat has come out of the bag.What have peace nicks, self styled liberal democrats  and “talk and dialogue ” groups who overwhelm the stages, media and other platforms, now  to suggest ?
It is strange that most of self-styled “experts” on Kashmir affairs come out with a huge set of reasons, causes, circumstances, errors and what not which let Kashmir plunge into the mess since 1989-90 and keep on castigating the present Government of its “weak policy” or an ambiguous stand on Kashmir and Pakistan but strangely do not come out with what steps the Government in their “considered wisdom”should take otherwise it could be  safely  termed as half baked intellectualism and more than half baked eligibility to claim  being  “experts” on Kashmir.
Ludicrous and redundant looks  the parroting of “talk and dialogue ” with Pakistan by many an apologist and friends of Pakistan even after their troops indulged in what our Government in most “refined” and unoffending terms called as “unsoldier (y)  act by our neighbour”. Perhaps mediaeval  and stone age barbarians would have not ashamed humanity the way Pakistani soldiers mutilated and dishonoured our martyred jawans along the Line of Control, a few days back. Before it is analysed as to what should our response be to such barbaric acts of Pakistani soldiers, it is shocking to see that none of the self styled liberal intellectual brigade, Communists, Award Wapsi brigade and selective secularists in our country  even condemned this despicable act of Pakistan . In a few TV debates which this writer keenly watched to measure the  level of shock and indignation having engulfed such groups, it was quite surprising to see that some such intellectuals held ” some acts of Gaurakshaks” and the like for incidents like Sukma and LoC incidents responsible where our bravehearts were martyred and mutilated . Such a political and academic bankruptcy is suspect of whether being real or temporarily acquired to make things look murkier. After “Intolerance”, it is now new manufactured item called “Gaurakshaks”.
Farooq Abdullah brought religion and passions in describing the levels of “reactions” to Sukma where 24 jawans were martyred while in Kupwara  army camp  three were martyred  but the reaction to Kashmir attack was , in his opinion, ” phenomenal “only to defame and target Muslims. What a stand secular, lberal, progressive and considered leaders like him are seen taking in the issues of such sensitivities. Whether hearts speak loud , clear and intrinsic belatedly is worth diving deep into.
Not to speak of taking strong exception to Farooq’s statement by the select groups rather the whole of almost the entire opposition, especially with reference to his  standof campaigning for his  recently held LokSabha by-elections  where votes were not asked for a particular political ideology aiming at welfare and progress of the people but obscurantist and utterly negative  politics  was indulged  in. He had two targets in his own planning, one to see anyway the Mehbooba Mufti led government being pulled down and the other, to target what he says RSS, BJP and communal forces out to “destroy the country”. He laid bare his intrinsic desire to see Mehboobagovernment out, the moment he was declared”victorious” from Srinagar  Parliamentary seat when he said, “there should be  Governor’s rule in the state”. That Congress is not opposing this ally of theirs over his  unexpected political discourse  was evident when not to speak of strongly criticising him for glorifying  addict stone pelting groups terming them “Nationalists” fighting for “Aazadi of their Wattan”, Congress leader Mr. Gulam Nabi was seen sharing the dais with Farooq. Pradesh Congress leaders, especially Kashmir centric have not uttered a word of opposition and contempt for stone pelting addicts or the extreme Wahabist ideology out to destroy any remotest chances of revival of  co- existence and respect for other faiths, as also any semblance of peace and order in Kashmir.
This writer raises the question again as to whether all political parties in the country irrespective of political ideologies are one, as a solid entity on Kashmir and stand against Pakistan and its Jihadi agents.If it had been so, almost most of them would have not been fretting and fuming only in respect of making the best of the sordid opportunity to attack the present Government as if all that which has snow balled in the current mess was ONLY due to their “weak”  policies. That,  political points  are scored through the scourge of Kashmir unrest because of Pakistan  by such Parties, is replete with dangerous repercussions.
Let the Government look adopting cogently reasonably matching response to Pakistani  debased manoeuvrings . Let the post of Defence Minister not look like nearing a quasi permanent arrangement and formation of Government in Goa as something more important . Let the Government forthwith withdraw all security to those Hurriyat  and  political leaders who question the writ of India in Kashmir , eulogize “Sangbaz” elements and waivers of Pakistani and ISIS flags . Let all financial and other facilities provided by the Government be withdrawn from traitors chorusing  plebiscite and Aazadi. Let “Karawan e Aman” like bus services to and fro PoK be suspended. Let  Pakistani consular staff in the country be reduced as a protest against  acts of barbarism and hostility indulged in by Pakistan against our country.  Let some more steps to isolate and shame the rogue country  be taken by India in addition to “spacing out” Pakistan in respect of the recent blasting of South Asia satellite where all heads of the states of SAARC hailed India and Indian leadership. Perhaps Pakistan’s  hard skin must have felt the ostracising pinch inflicted by India. Last but not the least , let the thin thread separating lenient views from the required hard stand be cut to shreds and those political leaders who are in the habit of giving vague, inciting , ridiculous, anti Indian and brazen appeasing statements be put under stockings . We cannot afford to be seen weak, mild  and  lenient, if not pursuers of short term measures.


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