One BPO in each district

In today’s era of universalization of salesmanship, commerce and trade, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been stressing upon giving an innovative look to the whole gamut of promoting business related measures and one of them is establishment of Business Process Outsourcing units in good reasonable number and accordingly, Governor’s Administration in Jammu and Kashmir has decided to set into motion the process of establishment of at least one such unit in each district of the State. This was sure to result in creation of more employment opportunities and promotion of digital services on a large scale.
After all, what in common parlance was meant by the Business Process Outsourcing and why had it advantageous edge over conventional system lies in introducing and promoting the practice of contracting a specific work process to an external service provider. It takes care of many types of services, internal business processes and delivery of a service or product to a client. Organisational goals and targets are thus accomplished and reached easily. Business and allied activities mean requirement of services like finance, accounting and billing, design, legal process, health care etc.
It is worth noting that during the recent visit to the State, the Prime Minister while inaugurating rural BPO model in Bandipora, Kashmir stressed upon the need to replicate this pilot project in other 21 districts of Jammu and Kashmir which not only would create more employment opportunities but give a fillip to tourism. Business from other parts of the country too would stand attracted to this State. While PM Modi was inaugurating the project in Bandipora, Governor and the top administrative team present there got motivational advice from him by putting the compliance status in an interesting way by saying, “the team has noted it to replicate this model in other 21 districts of the State.” It is learnt that Governor’s Administration at the highest levels has, accordingly started taking such steps and decisions so as to give practical shape to the issue and formal directions to the District Development Commissioners would reportedly be issued shortly to formally promote the concept of the BPO in the State.
Since every measure taken is required to address the issue of unemployment , the concept being replete with lot of promise in this regard, the industries of Information Technology and IT enabled services need to be promoted and a framework of providing infrastructural support by the Government was paramount which among other steps, include industry standard fibre optic connectivity, skill development training, cent per cent power supply back up and other incentives. The Administration has to do a bit of hard work in that to ensure that the agency with which it had a fix a tie up shall have to operate the business on the terms to be decided by the Government, the emphasis being on at least 100 seats in one shift. It has to be ensured that the agency worked in cooperation with the District Administration with intent to have the required human resources to conduct outreach to the local youth. Each BPO is required to have one IT enabled skilled lab which must conduct training sessions for the educated unemployed youth. The time has come, it needs to be realised , for more skills of different hues which could be employability skills , communication skills, life skills and soft skills.
The thrust has got to be on addressing the core issue of unemployment which would require more attention towards creating opportunities to learn skills and specialities attuned to the requirements of the society rather than thinking about the “Office Babu Culture” alone which had assumed inelastic proportions while on the other hand, demand for skilled personnel was on a perpetual rise. BPOs can, to a larger extent address this problem provided adequate seriousness was bestowed upon it. The Prime Minister is desirous of Jammu and Kashmir State to fall in line with other States of the country for providing digital services to the people, the unemployed youth more than the State Government could do a lot in making BPOs a success.