Ombudsmen for PMAY-G

Each and every scheme/program of GoI is for betterment and upliftment of poor specifically below poverty line. One can see substantial changes in life of far flung areas some of which have seen bulbs for first time or for that matter even motor able roads up to their villages. Some of these schemes like free toilet for every household has changed the life of rural India forever. The Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana – Gramin (PMAY-G) is one such program which was introduced with the view to boost the ‘ Housing for all’ scheme and target is to get it done for all by the year 2022 . This is not mega flat scheme but a maximum 25sq feet home with all basic amenities, factually this is also too much for a homeless person who could never dream of his/her own house in lifetime. With every scheme comes the pandora of complaints of corruption, nepotism and favoritism. Being a scheme for downtrodden voiceless public it is more important to listen to these complaints as such J&K Govt on the directions of Union Rural Development Ministry has appointed Ombudsmen of MGNREGA for PMAY-G also. Redressal mechanism is simple enough, just a simple complaint and then it’s responsibility of Ombudsmen to get required information from the department and deliver the justice in one month. All aspects have been taken into account, from selection of beneficiary to final installment, quality of work, demanding under table money for allocation or even for geo tagged photograph or instructions to purchase material from a particular shop. The Ombudsmen will have absolute powers to suggest corrective ways, disciplinary as well as corrective and quarterly reports will be sent to Commissioner Secretary of RDD for further action. Transparency is the key factor in all Central Government schemes be it focus on Direct Money Transfer or keeping a check on all other programs. Pilferage has to stop to benefit genuine beneficiaries. Government is trying it’s best and this is much appreciated step by one and all.