Omar criticises demonetization

SRINAGAR : Criticising demonetization, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Omar Abdullah today said it had not only deprived people access to their money but now they are also being denied freedom of spending at places of their choice.
“So not only do we not have the freedom to access our money, we are also being told where we can spend our earnings.
“A relative of mine got his salary the other day which included a nice thick booklet of Rs 50 vouchers and a list of shops he can spend them at,” Omar said in a series of tweets.
Reacting to reports that authorities have snapped mobile phone services in some parts of south Kashmir Anantnag district, the National Conference leader said the move has rendered the digital wallets of cashless economy useless.
“In a cashless economy all the digital wallets are now useless. Tell me again how we are going to sell the utopian dream to people?” he asked. (AGENCIES)


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