Olly Murs considers using Tinder

LONDON, Sept 18:  Singer Olly Murs has said he is considering signing up to dating app Tinder.

The 32-year-old singer has been single since he split from property manager Francesca Thomas a year ago and admitted he is considering using a dating app to find love, reported Female First.

“I haven’t tried any apps. I’ve been tempted to go on Tinder just for the craic and see what happens. I’ve been dating, it’s been interesting. I think if they’re in it and just going out with me to be famous, I’m a pretty good judge of character,” the singer said.

One of the reasons he is considering a dating app is because he has had some “strange dates” recently.

“I’ve had a couple of strange dates. It’s never happened to me before but I was in this bar and restaurant and [me and a girl had] organised to meet up. I was at the bar and I ordered us drinks… So it’s gone 15 minutes and I’m still there waiting, she said ‘I’ll be there in a minute’… 15 minutes that’s fine I can deal with that…

“Half an hour later I’m still waiting, texting her to check she’s okay and she ended up being 45 minutes late and the barman just kept coming up, ‘You haven’t got anyone coming have you?’ and I was like ‘Yes I have!’… 45 minutes, I was pretty smashed [by the time she arrived] It did help the date. The date was OK, it was good,” he said. (PTI)


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