Of Reservation

Apropos to the “Letter to editor” published in DE, May 16, 2017 by Professor Kali Dass, General  Secretary, All India Backward Classes Union (Regd) it may be said here that the article  “Make reservation on economic basis” 2017, we have only focused on the inclusion of “Creamy Layer” concept in the ST’s and SCs. The current scenario is that, among backward classes there is an upper strata and lower strata. The upper strata of backward classes have already benefitted from reservation policies and have been uplifted. The lower strata of the backward classes need this privilege for their upliftment but cannot access it because only the upper strata within the class derives the benefits of reservation, which is not just and fair. What is needed is to formulate a well-planned and balanced policy of reservation, which opens equal doors of opportunity to all. I want to bring in notice to each and every one  that there is no need to give the benefits of reservation to an IAS Officer, an MLA and   sons and daughters of the uplifted ones as they are already uplifted.
This can be done only by consideration of “Creamy Layer” concept as considered in OBCs. Among OBCs, the  sons and daughters  of the uplifted ones cannot attain benefits of reservation because of consideration of creamy layer concept.
We hope that state government must come with the concept, so that line of distinction shall be drawn between upper strata and lower strata among backward classes people and benefits should be given to needed ones.
Yours etc….
Hamid Hashmi
The Law School, University of Jammu.


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