Of modernity

Modern, Cool, Trendy. Such words matter nowadays, don’t they? It is a prestige when they are addressed for you. But what do they really mean?
What exactly is being modern?
For the sake of saying, we always seem to use the phrase, ‘In today’s modern times.’ Is today’s time really modern?
If I were to define modern or a modern person, it would be someone who is educated, who is above the material things and the material tactics of today’s ‘modern world,’ someone who is considerate and morally strong, someone who has the power to stand up for themselves as well as others.
But we have chosen an alternate, more negative form of definition to define modern. Modern for Gen-Z’s is someone who has savage replies, someone who supports cool things like vaping, smoking, drinking and in some exceptional cases- drugs. We have established modern as not hesitating while showing a lot of skin or smoking in public. This is the root cause of the problem. Everyone seems to accept this definition of modern. Modern is not this.
Not at all. Modern is someone who stands up for women and men, not popularise skin-showing or smoking, someone who does not sit in silence when they see something wrong happening, someone who is ready to voice their ideas and support others’ if they need it. Although, showing skin is a total personal preference, it is idiotic to use this to define modernity. People identify other modern people as someone who is wearing trendy clothes or vaping. Modernity has become a criterion in making friends these days and this is good if you consider the true definition of modernity.
Change begins within first. So, it is imperative that we accept what modern really is and leave the toxic modern standards that prevail in our society nowadays.
Aahana Tak