Nursing as a profession

Aubaid Ahmed Akhoon

“Helping people at their most vulenerable time is a privilege”
“Nursing is a field that still has job opportunities today. A boy or girl who takes up regular nursing education is sure to get a job.”
Earlier, even the parents did not allow the girls to take up nursing. But after university level education we see that now boys are also adopting this field. Now there are many positive changes taking place in the field of nursing, which will make the future better. The pace of change is a bit slow but change is a law of nature. Positive change is showing its effect which is a good omen.
Role of Nurses
The existence of man on this earth. As a result of the development of civilization and the organization of social life, treatment and patient care became knowledge and art and in today’s world no civilized society can be imagined without doctors, nurses and hospitals. The fact is that no matter how good the treatment facilities are, no matter how many specialists in their field of treatment, unless the whole system has the facility of a trained nurse, the treatment system will not be successful and Can’t run smoothly.
The world’s first nursing school was established after 1854 at St. Thomas’s Hospital in the United Kingdom under the supervision of Florence Nightingale.
As a mark of respect numerous hospitals run worldwide with the title of Florence.
Nurses usually have to work in hospitals. The nurse’s primary responsibility is to care for the patient physically and mentally. These patients can be people with mental and physical illnesses and people with mental and physical disabilities. The essence of a nurse’s job is to “take care.”
The Charter of the World Council of Nurses defines the profession as:
“Nurses take care of the sick. Physically, socially and spiritually they create an environment conducive to recovery, emphasize disease prevention and use education and examples to promote health. They provide health services to the individual, family and society along with other members of the healthcare profession. Humanitarian service is the core function of nurses and the foundation of their profession. The need for nursing services is universal. Therefore, professional nursing services are provided regardless of nationality, race, color, politics or social status.
A nurse plans the care of each patient individually. Assesses positive or negative changes in her condition by compiling a record of her various health conditions. She/he makes changes in light of the patient’s condition and prepares in advance for any alternative treatment arrangements. At the same time a nurse is fully aware of the patient/patients’ medical treatment. Keep a complete record of each patient’s treatment and follow the doctor’s instructions regarding medication, diet, and precautions. At the same time the nurse takes care of the mental and physical needs of each patient and informs the relatives of the patient about the condition of the patient.
There is a severe shortage of nurses in most developing countries, including India, and perhaps this is because this respected profession does not have the importance and status it deserves in the eyes of the common man. Nursing is a respected profession. For the sick and the afflicted, the nurse in the white robe is like an angel who, with his good looks, gentleness of speech, warmth of eyes, gentle smile of lips, helping hand, wealth and professionalism. The reason is that the patient’s heart rejoices, it inspires him to fight the disease and it revives the belief that no matter how dangerous the disease is, he/she will one day recover and return to his home and life will once again become beautiful, interesting and pleasant for her.
To conclude compared to some other professions, the employment opportunities in the nursing profession on national level and abroad are very bright and thus the student can strengthen the financial position of his family by adopting the profession of nursing to meet the financial needs of his family. The only thing that the aspirant has to do is to achieve the required qualification prescribed for the course. The nursing classes usually start after completing 10+2 courses. One can surf the internet for necessary information in this matter.
” There’s nothing more calming in difficult moments that knowing there’s some one fighting with you”
(Mother Teresa ).
(The author is a motivational speaker)